This is a earbud designed to reproduce real timbre, powerful details and dynamics. It combines cutting edge materials and structure design and actualized outstanding preformance that previously impossible to achieve. Infuse natural tone of musical instruments, treble response and bass punch all into one package. Wide, natural soundstage, lifelike, analytical resolution and accurate, smooth imaging, previously unreachable characteristics for earbuds.  Liebesleid elucidate our persue of ideal earbud performance. True sound is all it has to deliver.

「Luxurious Industrial Design」

The entire housing of Liebesleid is brass cutted and milled by highly accurate CNC and then polished, electroplated. We construct every piece as luxury product.

Accurate Acoustical Measures

Liebesleid's faceplate is also carved from whole piece of brass, the venting on top of it is precisely calculated and manufactured in same accuracy to ensure the ultra high frequencies are preserved.

Exquisite Housing Architechture

Liebesleid's back chamber has a sophiscated structure after several trial production and redesign. This structure suepress the standing wave inside chamber into a subtle equilibrium which improves soundstage while not introduce distortion. Reproducing space and timbre in an ideal way.

Transducer That Fit For A Flagship.

This high performance dynamic driver specifically for Liebesleid took us and our cooporating firm one and a half year to develop. Combining outer magnet structure which is rarely seen on earbuds with N52 magnet makes transducer of Lievesleid to provide a magnetic flux density of 1.2Tesla. This high flux density and long coil design make the transducer to have a outstanding large linear stroke. Wrinkle less hybrid diaphragm and lightweight coil forms a very flexible suspension system. These design allow Liebesleid to have a ultra wideband that won't attenuate at 20khz, and attenuate less than 35dB at 35kHz, analytical that feels nothing lost, fast transients and powerful dynamic.

True High End Diaphragm Suspension System

The very core of Liebesleid's transducer is this exquisite diaphragm. It forms a suspension system commonly found in speakers but rare in earbuds: dome, cone and surround. The high rigidity polymer used on dome and cone provide aboundant mid-high-ultrahigh frequency details and extension with little distortion. Soft, high damping coefficient surround part give it high stroke, fast attenuation, ample dynamic on all frequencies, high sound intensity, outstanding mid-low frequency details and transients.

Reasonable, Scientific Adjusting

*This frequency response is measured with a ear simulator and taking account of HRTF.

measured with a ear simulator and taking account of HRTF.
On the exhaustive process of tuning Liebesleid, we simulate true human ear with refrence to Head Related Transfer Function to reproduce lifelike accurate timbre and natural, well rounded soundstage.

Cable With Real Stuff

OFC cable with a silver plating of 8um gives almost linear impedance at musical frequencies ensures high fidelity of signals reaching the driver units.

Convinient Channel Indicator

Inheriting a product tradition, Liebesleid also has this carved ring on its left channel, but easier to identify. this also contributes to subtle element of its aesthetics.



Hand Crafted With Precision

Every set of Liebesleid is made from dustless workshop in our headquarter. Systematic manufacturing management, lab level manufacturing devices and craftsmanship. We prefer quality over efficiency to ensure every liebesleid has same excellent performance.











线材材质:8μm镀银4N OFC






插头:3.5mm镀金直插 (建议煲机200小时以上)