Feel The Magnificent Sound Of



Diamond Like Carbon In Ear Monitor,

Tuned To Its Ultimate Form

“KXXS” was once designated to be successor of “Kanas Pro”. During our repeated revising attempts, we found that this project has great potential and moved its priority up. When its prototype overwhelmed our previous flagship prototype “Amadeus” in every aspect of product testing, we decide to make KXXS our next flagship. The journey afterward can be called “miraculous”: from subjective listening to objective testing, the result is beyond our wildest dreams.

Even though it looks like Kanas pro in many ways as a previous successor, from molds, designs to craftsmanship, It can be called “Redesigned”.

-- MOONDROP Engineering Department.

Redesigned, Strangely Familiar

You can see shadows of Kanas pro edition on KXXS, but It's absolutely a new setup. Whenever when it comes to ergonomics, socket polishing, colors, it's brand new. The theme under the design of KXXS is the synthesis of rigidity and delicacy in the right balance. So the aesthetic of this IEM becomes mercurial, we define it the art of transposing light.

Art of illumination

As a mercurial art, light is the absolute medium for every epic, majestic expression. Light illuminate our continent and our inner being alike. Here, light makes monotonous silver color to pour colorful textures.


Precisely Mirror Finishd, Polished, Electroplated In Your Ear

KXXS's mirror finishing moulds is more accurate than ever, they make KXXS's semi finished housing rivel the accuracy of a 5 axis CNC milled ones. After the original moulding, the semi finished goes through another CNC process, then they face hand polish along with electroplating. At last UV processed to form a clear membrane of protection. All these effort is to produce this gorgeous, luminous pair of housing.

Inner Chamber With Air Stream Control

The driver of KXXS includes a inner chamber for air pressure balance control. By venting on main air pressure controlling section on back of the diaphragm and leading air stream into a small inner chamber and control with a damper, the air stream is in better equilibrium to control sibilence caused by unwanted vibration and increase efficiency of diaphragm

Diamond Like Carbon Diaphragm

Diamond like amorphous carbon is a type of material that share close structure and physical properties of diamond for example Young's modulus(stiffness)but has less density. These characteristics are ideal for reducing break up frequency of dynamic driver and improve high frequency performance. KXXS's breakthrough is not just the implementing DLC material as coating to achieve the bandwidth way higher than "Hi-Res", but also outstanding transient response thanks to the base diaphragm matetial with high damp factor.

Virtual Diffusion Sound Field

VDSF is a designing idea we came up during development of earbuds and IEMs. Its goal is to recreate the tone and soundstage in the recording. VDSF implements technology in multiple fields including a target response based on the frequency domain performance of B&K HATS(human head simulator) in diffuse field and super low frequency response improvement especially for micro speaker vibrations to physically improve the fidelity of micro speakers when reproducing diffuse field faced in mastering

Removable High Quality Cable.

KXXS features brand new silver plated copper wire. These 8um silverplated litz wires not just transmit signal better than normal cables, but also has more anti corrosion capability. The outer insulation is based on soft, highly transparent polymers to ensure their ductility and durability while flexible as typical wire. If you don't don't like the original cable for any reason like sound or appearance , you can always replace something you like with removable 0.78mm 2pin recessed socket.


Frequency Response: 10-80000Hz (Free Field. 1/4"MIC,-3dB)

Effective FR:  20-20000Hz (IEC60318-4)

Impedance:  32 Ω (@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)

Channel Mismatch:  ±1dB @1kHz

Diaphragm Config: Diamond-Like-Carbon&PEEK

Coil :  φ0.035mm-CCAW(Daikoku)

Housing: Pressed-milled, polished, electroplated zinc alluminum alloy
Transducer: 10mm moving coil transducer

Cable: Litz Silver Plated Copper Wire 4N-OFC with 0.78-2Pin