MOONDROP was once a small studio by several hobbyist engineers. We once designed some interesting hifi products for 2 years. We start to focus our product onto earbuds and in ear headphones around 2014. After lot of hardship and changes, “MOONDROP” brand emerged in 2015. MOONDROP was focusing on developing small open earbuds at their early times and start to gain reputation in entry level brand by our first product “VX”. After the first step, we continue our research in unpopular field of earbuds and earned our fame among fans and professionals with “Liebesleid” in 2017 and became a company known for develop, manufacture, distribute high performance earbuds. In fact, our popularity don’t limited to earbuds. We released some in ear monitors including the earliest “IX” with unique design and interesting sound, “kanas” series which are considered benchmark for the price range and of course, the “Blessing”, “A8” and “Reference” who justified us as premium IEM manufacturer.
After several years of constant improving effort, we grow into a Chinese brand with our own develop and manufacture line, leading design theories, complete supply and operating chain. We always try to synthesize new technologies into our product developing process, investing for implementations of new crafts, materials and tech to constantly redefine our limit.
At the same time MOONDROP corporate with other companies from different joint, different focus within the industry by investing, acquiring and corporate projects in order to broad views together and find us a better future.

For Technology

In china not many headphone brands are able to set their foot on high tier headphones, we are honored to be one of them. We always urge ourselves to invest a lot in order to explore new possibilities of high quality sound reproduction by implementing new technologies. What we pursue is to obtain better performance from new technology and materials, we won’t blindly infuse any new things into our product to follow a trend.
To make us true to our claims above, MOONDROP kept to learn new theories and technology standard over the globe and explore deeper into it. We built out labs and experimental environments all up to the international standards to make accurate audio measurements, support our theory development and product designs.
MOONDROP seek none from snake oils, but stick to technologies that make practical differences to make ourselves a unique star in Chinese audio industry.