Scientific And Rigorous 8 BAs Each Side

2 low-frequency BA drivers, 4 medium-frequency BA drivers, and 2 high-frequency BA drivers. Scientific and reasonable driver configuration, complex and precise frequency dividing circuit adjusts the 8 balanced armature drivers to the ideal harmonic frequency response, and pursues the frequency division number in the end, but takes the actual sound quality and indicators of each frequency band as considerations to be rigorous and scientific.

Two large sizes Knowles low-frequency Balanced Armature driver

Knowles CI series low frequency driver,With a diaphragm area far exceeding all other BA drivers, it provides low distortion, fast, and energetic low frequency far superior to others.

Unlike the composite low-frequency balanced armature driver that is “facilitating the number of display drivers”, the large-sized independent low-frequency drive has better performance and cleaner sound.

The configuration of two Knowles CI balanced armature drivers on one side is stronger than a single CI, far superior to the full dynamics of the composite low-frequency driver, and lower distortion.

Combined with a specially designed low-pass filtering solution, the A8 is able to demonstrate an unprecedentedly fast and full-bodied low frequency in the earphones.

High composite target response frequency

A8 is highly compliant with our new target response curve based on Harman Target Response and B&K4128 Diffuse Field for modern recording and earbud optimization. We use this to emphasize its wider sound field and more natural sounds, more powerful low frequency, and transparent high frequency

Ultra-high frequency phase consistency

The frequency division scheme for Balanced armature driver accurate measurement, ensures the high consistency of the phase of the frequency bands that all drivers are responsible for, so that there is no connection problem in A8, and there will be no discordant factors in the common sound of multiple drivers.

Accurate Sound Quality Control


As the high-end model of the customized series of headphones, the A8 always uses ±0.5dB as the control standard from the pairing of components/units to the detection of the production process to the final sound quality detection. The deviation value is greater than this. Complete elimination of devices and finished products

The earphone control mode is more strict with 0.5dB frame lines instead of the usual point sampling (the industry usually has ±3dB)



Model: A8

Drivers: 8 Balanced Armature

Frequency Response Range: 10-40kHz

Sensitivity: 110dB

Line Length: 1.2m

Plug Type: Line Type

​Jacks: 3.5 mm

Style: In-Ear